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Scrapo plastic is an innovative and visionary enterprise engaged in import-export on the plastic scrap trade and mining equipment industry. One of the most important problems surrounding the world environment today is the amount of plastic waste. More than 90% of plastic products are non-recyclable and about 75% end up in landfills. This has resulted in more than 6 billion tonnes of plastic being thrown into landfills so far, and numbers are growing alarmingly every year. One way to deal with this situation is to reduce the production of plasti

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“Import and Export of Plastic Products”


Import and Export of Plastic Products

We know that production is the most valuable capital and we act with the mission that the welfare level of societies depends on the power of production. We care about the development of the modernized recycling approach by local ideas. As a result of our domestic and international activities, we are included in the markets for the development of domestic capital, and we work with a focus on customer satisfaction in all our services.


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